of Flatbush

On a Sunday in February 1856, in response to an invitation given by Mrs. Gertrude Lefferts Vanderbilt, five colored children gathered and there was organized a Sunday School which was the primitive beginning of Grace Reformed Church.

After two years the first chapel was erected. In 1871, the Flatbush Reformed Church, which from the beginning had shown interest in the young enterprise, assumed the care of the chapel and its services.

Our present beautiful Church was erected in 1893 and on February I7, 1903 the chapel was organized into Grace Reformed Church. The Sunday School building was dedicated on the same day in the following year and the parsonage was erected in 1906.

—Sketch of The Reformed Church in America, 1916

“Gelijck een lelie onder de doornen so is mine vriendinne onder de dochteren.”
Cant. 2

“As a lily among thorns, so is my sweetheart among the daughters.”
Song of Solomon 2:2

Early symbol of the Reformed Church

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